We Are Experts At What We Do

Our pharmacy is founded on the belief of providing personal patient care to everyone who walks through our doors. We value your business as Mandeville's leading independent pharmacy offering the highest quality products at very competitive prices, and staying on top of the latest pharmacy trends.

About The Team

Baham Pharmacy, is your neighbor and friend who cares deeply about the health and well being of our local community. We are a locally owned family pharmacy and a member of the nationwide network of over 4,000 Health Mart pharmacies & pharmacists, assuring you of everyday low prices on all prescription and over-the- counter products. We offer the same types of programs, buying power and Co-Pays as the national chains, but with the personal service that you can only expect with an independent pharmacy.

Megan Baham

After finishing high school at St. Mary's Dominican in New Orleans, Megan attended Louisiana Tech in Ruston, Louisiana and transferred to Xavier University in New Orleans for pharmacy school. She graduated from Xavier University in 2006 with a Doctorate in Pharmacy. Her husband, Matthew is a native of the Northshore so they moved to Mandeville after getting married. Megan has served as a pharmacist in both Mandeville and Covington for over 12 years. After Kmart closed and having the majority of her career experience working for independent pharmacies, Megan saw the need for a family owned, independent pharmacy in the Mandeville area. Megan takes great pride in her profession and cares for her patients like they are family.

Olivia Laurent